Wood Waterproofing Sealer Solution

GreenSeal Solutions Woodseal Pro preservative prevents penetration of liquids, dirt, oil, wood decay and organical intrusion. Easy to apply with a stunning end result. No special materials are needed, a paint brush, paint roller or water spray bottle is sufficient.

Woodseal Pro is for suited for outdoor use. It makes wood water repellent, waterproof and rot free. Woodseal Pro wood preservation also repels dirt, fungi, wood fungus, algae, moss growth, woodworm and termites.

hout sealer techniek waterdicht

Woodseal Pro – Waterproofing Wood Sealer

Woodseal Pro wood sealer / wood preservative is based on a unique formula that draws deeply into the wood. It has been developed with nanotechnology and forms a water-repellent shield deep into the pores of the wood.

Woodseal Pro is completely odourless, colourless, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and ecologically responsible.

Woodseal Pro
The weathering of wood is caused by UV radiation. Woodseal Pro is transparent to UV radiation. Woodseal Pro does not prevent the natural aging and weathering process, but it helps the aging process to run more evenly.


With only a single treatment the wood becomes water repellent. After some weathering the beading effect clearly shows that the wood is well protected. The growth of fungi, moss, algae and wood fungus is prevented. Woodseal Pro helps prevent wood damage by preventing pests.

Woodseal Pro is suitable for all types of outdoor wood from hardwood, thatch, straw to rattan.


Woodseal Pro is very easy to use. Apply with a low pressure water bottle sprayer, roller or paintbrush. The product can be applied straight out of the bottle. Shake well before use.

After 24 hours Woodseal is fully cured and it can be finished with any finish.

Product description Woodseal Pro is a professional wood preservative which can be used by everyone. Makes wood, cane, and rattan waterproof and water-repellent. Woodseal Pro is odourless, colourless and transparent. It protects without concealing the natural beauty of the wood. Woodseal Pro is the invisible raincoat for wood.
Algea,, moss, fungi Woodseal Pro prevents dirt and organic deposits such as moss, algae, fungi and mildew.
Liquid proof / waterproof The hydrophobic active elements penetrate into the wood encapsulating and closing the pores. This will create a surface that is waterproof and water resistant. Because the wood is fully protected it can’t draw dirt or water into the surface.
Durability Woodseal Pro should be, depending on the load of the surface re-applied after 10 to 17 years. A jetty for example will be protected up to 10 years, a fence will be waterproof up to 17 years.
    • Hydrophobic, industrial professional and innovative formula.
    • Impregnates and creates a hydrophobic surface.
    • Prevent (further) damage to the surface
    • Increased protection due to the hydrophobic barrier.
    • Protects against splashes and flaking by freezing and thawing.

    Ideal for preservation examples like fences, window frames, garden furniture and more.

Greenseal Eco-friendly solution Woodseal Pro is made from natural minerals and is guaranteed 100% organic and environmentally friendly
Usage  ± 1 liter per 6 to 8m2 (depending on the porosity of the type of wood).

Woodseal Pro wood preservative application examples;

• Fences
• Outdoor furniture
• Wooden Scaffolding
• Hard Wood
• Tables
• Countertops
• Rattan
• Thatched roofs
• Picnic tables
• Decking
• Scaffolding

Apply Woodseal Pro with a brush, roller or water spray bottle, depending on the size of the surface to be treated. 1 liter will be sufficient for approximately 6 to 8 square meters, depending on the porosity of the used wood.

Apply Woodseal Pro until the wood is saturated.

For very porous timber apply a 2nd layer within two hours. Woodseal Pro is touch dry after a view hours and cured completely after 24 hours

Woodseal Pro informatie folder – download