Brick & Stone Sealer Solution

Hydrastop Pro is a professional coating for stone and concrete. It makes all facades, walls, pavement and masonry work water repellent and waterproof.

An innovative and simple to apply solution, Hydrastop Pro is the ultimate protection against the harmful effects of exposure to the elements.

The hydrophobic properties creates an excellent beading effect, which makes the water bead off of the treated surface. This prevents that microorganisms can take hold onto the surface.

steen / gevel sealer techniek

Hydrastop Pro – Brick & Stone Waterproofing Sealer

Hydrastop Pro creates a hydrophobic shield that protects against moisture, algae, fungal growth, and moss. It is completely transparent, environmentally friendly, colourless and odourless.

Hydrastop Pro is for indoor and outdoor use. Suitable for your bathroom, kitchen, terrace, roof tiles, floors, balconies and more.


With just one product you can protect and make the surface water repellent and a much easier upkeep as a result of that. It is very simple to use and apply.

Hydrastop pro is the solution to make facades, natural stone, tiles, workbenches, floors, walls and other stone and concrete substrates fully water repellent. It also prevents damage caused by freezing and thawing.


Hydrastop Pro is a facade, pavement and masonry work impregnating solution and is easy to apply with a low pressure sprayer or with a roller or brush.

Hydrastop Pro is a finishing product which only needs to be applied once. Pavement, terraces, patios, and roof tiles are water repellent after 1 layer. Economical in use; 1 litrer covers up to ± 8 m2.

Productdescription Hydrastop Pro makes all types of stone, masonry work and facades water repellent whilst increasing the insulation properties significantly. Hydrastop Pro protects the treated surface with its hydrophobic properties effectively against moisture and “outdoor” conditions.
Hydrastop Pro is transparent, colour and odourless, biological and environment friendly.
Protects against Algae, moss and fungal growth The active water repellent parts close the pores in stone and masonry work. This makes the surface hydrophobic (water repellent) and protects against moisture and algae while the masonry can still breath.
Waterproof / water repellent Hydrastop Pro; water repellent stone penetrating sealer creates a very effective waterproof with a invisible coating. Hydrastop penetrates the stone and masonry work and waterproofs it from the inside out.
Lifespan Hydrastop lasts, depending of traffic or wear on the surface, between 7 to 10 years. Treaded facades last 10 years, busy walkways 7 years.
  • Water repellent, industrial, professional and innovative formula.
  • Penetrates and creates a hydrophobic surface.
  • Prevents (further) discolouration and aging.
  • The Hydrophobic barrier protects against all weather conditions
  • Protection against damage caused by freezing and thawing.
  • Vuil en organische aanslagwerend dus Onderhoudsvrij
GreenSeal Ec-friendly solution oplossing Hydrastop Pro is developed with natural minerals and is 100% guaranteed environmental friendly.
Consumption ± 1 liter per ± 8m2

Hydrastop Pro is a versatile impregnating agent, making stone and mineral substrates water repellent:

– Pavement, sidewalks
– Brickwork
– Patios
– Terrace
– Roof tiles
– Natural stone
– Brick
– Stone and concrete planters
– Terracotta

Hydrastop Pro; Facade and masonry impregnation:

  • With brush, paint roller or low pressure sprayer.
  • Temperature between 7 °C and 25 °C.
  • Apply from top to bottom.
  • Apply wet so as not to leave any parts left untreated.
  • Drying time ± 12 hours.
  • 1 liter is sufficient for about 8m² depending on the porosity of the substrate.