Reliable moisture control solutions since 1985. We do not just develop innovative and sustainable solutions. We also protect the environment.

Environmentally friendly preservation agents for building materials

Beton sealer oplossingen waterdicht


Hydrablock Pro ® is an advanced, high performance, water and fluid sealing solution for concrete and masonry.

Cement sealer oplossingen - waterdicht cement, mortel, specie


Hydramix Pro ® is an advanced solution for creating waterproof cement mortar and grout.

Steen / gevel sealer oplossingen waterdicht

Brick, Stone

Hydrastop Pro ® is a coating to make water-repellent surfaces. Works on all types of stone, concrete and cement.

Hout sealer oplossing waterdicht


Woodseal Pro ® is specially designed for the preservation and waterproofing of wood and wood like materials.

Why GreenSeal Solutions?


More than 30 years of experience to develop our innovative products since 1985.


We make it a condition that all our products are 100% environmentally friendly.


Because of the lasting nature of our products we guarantee that it will bring a smile to your face.

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