PreviousNext 1234 Wood sealer solution Woodseal Pro wood preservative prevents penetration of liquids, dirt, oil, wood decay and organic intrusion. Easy to apply with a stunning end result. No special materials are needed, a paint brush, paint roller or low pressure sprayer is sufficient. Woodseal Pro is for both indoor and outdoor use. It makes wood water […]

PreviousNext 12 Brick and stone sealer solution GreenSeal Solutions concrete brick and stone sealer, is a professional coating to make waterproof and water reppellent walls of stone, concrete and masonry. An innovative and easy to use solution. It provides the ultimate in protection and conservation of the stone and protected from the harmful effects of […]

PreviousNext 1234 Cement sealer solutions GreenSeal Solutions Hydramix Pro is developed using nanotechnology. It is an environmentally friendly cement sealer solution to waterproof cement, mortar, plaster and concrete. The unique composition of Hydramix Pro provides a permanent thorough waterproof result. Easy Processing Hydramix Pro is the substitute for water, and is added during the mixing […]

PreviousNext 12 Concrete sealer solution Hydrablock Pro is a deep penetrating concrete sealer. the unique formula is developed using nanotechnology, the smallest atomic structure possible. This results in active particles that are small enough to pass through grains of sand. Deepest possible concrete penetration This smaller structure translates into deeper penetration and ensures ultimate protection of […]