Cement Sealer Solution

Hydramix Pro is designed and developed with nanotechnology. It is an environmentally friendly solution for waterproofing cement, mortar, plaster and concrete during the production process. The unique composition ensures a permanent waterproof end result.

Easy application
Hydramix Pro replaces the water that is added during the mixing process of cement. By adding Hydramix Pro to the cement mixture, the cement will be 100% and permanently waterproof after the curing period.

Cement sealer vochtbestrijdingsmiddel verwerking waterdicht cement, mortel, specie

Hydramix Pro – Waterproofing Sealer additive

Hydramix Pro fuses with the calcium which is naturally present in cement and ensures that all the material is converted into concrete during drying. This closes capillary pores in an effective and permanent manner. The dramatically densified cement seals off the cement pores. This process makes cement denser and harder. The cement will cure more evenly and will be permanently and 100% waterproof.

Hydramix Pro is highly suitable for use in “wet” spaces; like showers, saunas, kitchen work surfaces, swimming pools, decking, plaster, masonry work and stucco. Hydramix Pro can be used both inside and outside.


Hydramix Pro is designed for homeowners, builders and contractors who are looking for an innovative and effective solution to prevent water, oil and other liquids from penetrating the concrete.

Hydramix Pro is a water-based composition of micro molecules based on silicates. The proven compaction and hardening effect of these nanotechnology-based molecules also provides a better insulation value.



Hydramix Pro is used in cement, mortar, plaster and concrete. The difference in application of Hydramix (instead of water), is immediately visibly noticeable. Hydramix Pro makes a more homogenised solution and improves the hardening ensures a smooth curing proces.

Hydramix Pro is made of 100% natural ingredients and is harmless to the environment. Hydramix is wear resistant and will only wear if the surface itself wears.

Product Description Hydramix Pro, the solution to compact concrete, mortar and cement. It Makes minerals permanently liquid-tight and oil-resistant. The active ingredients fose with the calcium in the cement. Hydramix Pro shortens the curing process by 35%.
Algae, moss, Fungi The reactively active particles close up the pores of the cement during the curing process. This makes the surface waterproof and doesn’t give algae a chance to take hold while the cement is still able to breath.
Fluid-tight / Water repellent Used to make cement and concrete 100% liquid tight, water repellent and oil resistant.
Abrasion resistant Hydramix cement sealer wordt onderdeel van het materiaal, is slijtvast en slijt alleen als het oppervlak zelf slijt.
  • Reactive, penetrating, professional and innovation formula.
  • Hardens, compacts and creates a hydrophobic surface.
  • Prevents damage to the reinforcement concrete (concrete rotor / ASR).
  • Improved protection with the hydrophobic surface.
  • Provides protection against splashing and flaking by freezing and thawing.
Greenseal is a Eco Friendly Solution Hydramix Pro is 100% made from natural minerals and guaranteed environmentally and animal friendly.
Usage Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the material to be processed.

Example only:
When mixing the cement, the 1-2-3 rule can be applied:
1 part cement
2 parts of concrete sand
3 parts gravel
0.5 part Hydramix Pro, add extra water to achieve the desired homogeneity.

Fish ponds
Swimming pools
Cire concrete
Kitchen sheets
Basement floors

Hydramix is a substitute for water in the mixing process of cement, mortar and specie. Follow the instructions given by the manufacturer of the material before dosing. Use extra water to get the desired thickness of the cement.